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Automation…it’s how you increase your profits.  Any time you can be more productive with less resources, you make more money.  That’s exactly what the automation tools in PropertyFuze do for you. Rent Manager property management software provides unparalleled power and flexibility to run your property management business.  So what can PropertyFuze add?  Think of it this way—if Rent Manager is your race car, then PropertyFuze is the turbo charger added to your race car.   Simply put, we want to help you be more efficient, which will drive down your expenses and increase your profit.

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PropertyFuze’s automation modules will help you achieve two very important goals in property management:

Save money through time savings

Enforce consistent workflow


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1 Collections

Let’s face it, collections in the property management world can be tough.  You need to be as efficient as possible to make sure all of your tenants are paying their rent and you need to get the job done in a professional manner as soon as possible.  PropertyFuze’s Collections Module will save you time and ensure enforce consistency in your collections process. 


See all pertinent collections-related information in one glance so you can make decisions quickly

Create non-editable text templates and email templates to ensure the correct messages are sent to your tenants

Maintain payment agreements for your tenants

Process your “Pay or Quit” notices and with one click do all of the following:

  • Generate the “Pay or Quit” notices

    • Choose to print the notices or to send the notices via certified mail

  • Attach the notice to the tenant’s history/notes

  • Charge the resident for the mailing

  • Charge the owner for the mailing (creates an invoice and a bill)

  • Text the resident to let them know they will be receiving the notice

  • Create a Service Issue to follow up with the tenant after the notice expires

  • Update the Delinquency Status of the tenant

Collections Tool

2 Credit Cards

With the Credit Cards Module, you will significantly decrease the amount of time required to enter credit card maintenance receipts AND you will ensure that the credit card transactions precisely match the characteristics of the related Service Issue.  PropertyFuze credit card transactions are based off of Service Issues.  Since Service Issues are related to a property and category, your bookkeeper does not need to know the property, unit or the GL account to enter for the transaction.  He or she simply enters the Service Issue number and PropertyFuze fills in the appropriate GL account, property, and unit.  PropertyFuze will add that credit card charge to the Service Issue so you can easily track the costs of your Service Issues!


When it comes time to pay the credit card bill, PropertyFuze will generate a bill in Rent Manager for your credit card that will automatically allocate the appropriate amount to each property, thus ensuring that each property will pay its appropriate share of the credit card bill.  What would normally take your bookkeeper hours to complete can now be done in seconds!

Credit Cards Tool
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3 Renewals

Renewal notices take time and you must make sure that all steps are followed properly.  The Renewals Module in PropertyFuze lets you see your fixed-term leases and month-to-month agreements in one place.  By displaying some of the important collections-related information (rent balance, overall balance, delinquency status, etc.), you can easily and quickly make decisions as to whether or not you want to renew the tenant’s lease. 


If you do want to renew the tenant, you can quickly and easily update their recurring charges, their month-to-month renew date (if applicable), and their new lease dates—all in one step!

Renewals Tool

4 Service Issues

The Service Issues Module in PropertyFuze is a comprehensive, systematic approach to managing Service Issues for your maintenance department.   PropertyFuze has defined a Service Issue Lifecycle to allow your maintenance director to spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time on solve maintenance-related problems.  This is an incredibly robust, feature-rich module that will vastly improve the performance of your maintenance staff.  We have developed tools to:


Create Service Issues faster and with more information

  • Optionally send the Service Issue as a text and/or email to both techs and vendors

  • Show the available cash balance for a property or owner to know if the owner has the funds to pay for the repair

Create the same Service Issues for multiple properties with one click

Assign multiple Service Issues to a tech at once and see, at a glance, all of the Service Issues assigned to your techs.

Review Service Issues (hours, notes, credit card transactions) to make sure you and your clients are not paying too much for maintenance

As part of the review process, optionally charge the resident and owner on the spot, with one click.

Prioritize your make readies by coupling the Unit Availability Listing report with all of the Service Issues related to the make ready

Assess your make ready charges against the tenant’s security deposit in minutes using information from the Inspection and the Service Issues of the Make Ready

Generate bills from the tech time work of your employees and contractors in seconds

Service Issues Tool

5 MailFuze

Don't waste time printing, stuffing, stamping and sending.  Let MailFuze do it for you!  With a couple clicks, MailFuze automates the costly and time-consuming process of sending mail.  As a Rent Manager Integrations Partner, MailFuze brings the Post Office directly to you!  

With MailFuze you can:

  • Send Certified Mail, Priority Mail Express or Regular First Class

  • Transform your mailings from an expense to a source of revenue

  • Save HUGE amounts of time - mail hundreds of letters with minutes, not hours!

  • Receive USPS tracking numbers, and more!

Skip the Post Office...Go Straight to the Bank!

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